How do I ask my mom for a piercing


So I got my stomach done going into 7th grade without my mom knowing (my sister did it) when she found out the next day she made me take it out. I was so upset because I'm insecure about my stomach. Well when I was in the middle of 8th grade her husband talked her into letting me get it done professionally as long as I paid for it so I did. When she found out I was txting guys and being a "hoe" she made me take it out because I had pictures of it. Now I'm in 9th grade and I want it soo bad and I don't really think she should have made me take it out in the first place bc she let me do it and I spent $80 all together and it's my body. But it's okay I wouldn't be bothered as much if she let me get it done again I mean I would still pay for it but how do I ask for it again?