Decrease in movement at 26 weeks?


So I'm 26 weeks and 2 days today and for the past 3 or 4 days I haven't been feeling my baby move as much. He used to have strong kicks that I could feel multiple times a day, even on days I was on my feet a lot. I know kick counts don't start usually until 28 weeks so I haven't started those. I'm just wondering if it's still early enough he could have just flipped around to my back and be kicking towards my back? I still feel a little movement but they aren't as strong and it's more like 2 or 3 little hits or kicks maybe once or twice a day. I'm worried if I call my doctor they're going to tell me to head up to the hospital but I was just there a couple weeks ago for something else that turned out to be fine and I'm supposed to work a full day today and tomorrow and we're so short staffed I'd feel terrible calling out if it turned out to be nothing (obviously my baby comes first though). Please advice on if this is something I should worry about or if it's still normal this early? This is my second but with my first he consistently move throughout the whole pregnancy.