Dissapointment how do you deal

After ttc for years every month it becomes hard to deal with the dissapointment. It feels like my body is letting me down. I feel like I am letting my S.O down. I know how much he would love to have a child of his own he looks at my son as his own but he also wants his own.

I also found out that my Son step mom said that " I am jealous that she can have a baby and I can't". I was so happy for them when they found out they were having a baby.

They have been trying for a bit and I knew how much they wanted one and we all got along great. now I can't even look at her I am upset.

I don't want to start any problems but for her to say that is unfair to me and my S.O. he had kept it to his self for months and let it out to my mom. Now I don't see the relationship between the four us ever being the same. I don't think my ex even knows she said it and I know she doesn't know I know she said it.

I have never thought someone could be so rude