Baby Shower Today =Emotional Wreck


My baby shower is today and I’m a emotional wreck. My mother called me early this morning crying on the phone saying she can’t come because she strep throat. I understand immediately I know she would kill to be there but we cant chance her giving me and other guests strep throat. It still breaks my heart tho I really wish she wasn’t sick because she is my best friend. Also my 5 year old daughter was up all night sick and I’m rotating Motrin to keep her fever down and she has serious congestion and runny nose so she is upset and crying today as well. Then on the other hand I have my husband acting like today is another normal day and he isn’t even doing the things I asked him to do so that our baby room is ready for all the gifts to go in them. He was supposed to put the crib up yesterday but hell no that didn’t happen. Like I’m beyond emotional and irritated today. So y’all just pray for me I’m trying to get out of this funk 😩