Need support


My husband and I are both 30. We have been married for almost 2 years now and just found out we are expecting. We haven’t been to the doctor yet, so don’t have a due date, but according to my cycle, I am almost 6 weeks along and due in June.

My husband is from Brazil and there, they don’t usually wait to tell family, so he has been anxious to share the news with his parents.

After my day at work yesterday, I felt like we needed to tell our parents so they would know first, and then I felt like I needed to tell my employer soon. I work with students with disabilities and have been put in dangerous situations with some of their behaviors, so I need to make sure my employer knows the risks and can help as I try to protect myself and my baby.

So, last night we decided to tell our parents. We called mine first. We live in the same town as my parents, but they were out of town. We delivered the news, and first thing my mom said was, “oh wow, hope you have looked at the figures!” My heart sank. She was worried about money more than she was excited or loving about our news! My husband and I have been trying for a few months, and we finally succeeded and are so excited. I was up all night last night worrying about my baby, if it will be healthy and strong, and worrying about doing our best to support him/her. And I just kept feeling so hurt by my parents reaction to the news that they would be grandparents again. I have been crying all day and can’t seem to shake the frustration and hurt from their reactions.

My in laws, who live in Brazil, on the other hand are over the top with excitement and cried tears of joy at the news!

Has anyone else had experience with their parents reaction not being very excited and supportive?