30 weeks and on the couch!

Zoe • Vegas Mama

I need to vent a little and maybe hear some motivating words.. My boyfriend and I moved back to our hometown, Las Vegas in the last days of August from Arizona. We’re both rather young (I am 18 he is 21) and so having to pay for the move back was a big dent in our budget. His account has been more than -$150 for 3 weeks now and he’s the only one working now. So needless to say we can’t afford to put a down payment on any kind of housing and so weave been at our parent’s for wayyyy longer than intended. We had hoped we’d only be there for the most 4 weeks but now it’s seeming like an endless stay because our finances just can’t seem to pick back up. This has been so frustrating because we’re in separate houses, I’m with my mom and older sister and I sleep on our VERY small old uncomfortable couch in the living room. He stays in his old room in his mom and step dad’s house on a very small air mattress. Because of the lack of a real bed or at least something supportive and comfy both of our backs/bodies are in so much pain. Also not living with him as been emotionally straining on me, he sees me everyday and recently has been letting me sleep at his house but it just isn’t the same. I am hormonal and I just really want to be by him 24/7 🤷🏻‍♀️ But being 30 weeks and sleeping in my Mom’s living room is 200% not fun. They wake up at all hours and make the dogs bark so on top of this couch being old, uncomfortable, and small, I’m battling with just being comfortable in general AND then waking me up all hours of the night and morning! It’s the absolute worse! On top of that there is obviously no privacy everything is literally out in the open for them all to see and it’s just so annoying. I have no bed, no privacy, and worst of all I just want to set up get nursery already! I really want to move out ASAP and have a bed again. Well thank you to anyone who read this far lol I’m done comparing FOR NOW.