Has anyone else here ever gone through the Fallopian tube dye procedure?


Hello ladies I’m 36 with three pregnancies an 👼 baby, and two live births. My rainbow 🌈 baby isn’t quite a baby anymore she’s 17 and my youngest sweet surprise she’s 15. My husband and I are trying for our charm 👶 . I’ve had both my pregnancies delivered by cesarean, do you think that can cause Fallopian tube issues? We haven’t went through all the hoops yet but I did get the dye procedure done and the dye moved extremely slow through my left Fallopian tube and I also experience pain on that side with every ovulation. The specialist didn’t say much other than I had pcos, he was quite vague to say the least. I’m curious if anyone else has had this procedure, if so what did your doctor suggest and say about the dye test? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading baby dust to all!!!! ❤️