Beta HCG #'s Not Rising Well


Received a call today that after almost 4 days, my HCG only increased by 98 iu/l. I've cried as my significant other held me and begged me remain calm and continue to have faith. My first test was 24 iu/l, 48hrs later it was 174 iu/l. Four days later it was 272 iu/l. The (small) 98 iu/l jump immediately made me emotional as I couldn't hold my composure on the phone with my RE Nurse. I am now scheduled to go into the doctors office in 48 hours for another HCG blood test and an ultra sound. I was made aware that there are three things that could be going on (1) I'm having a normal pregnancy with slow rising numbers (2) I am preparing for a possible miscarriage and (3) Possible ectopic pregnancy. My current symptoms: legs hurt (left side mainly), minor lower back pain, continued acne (breakouts), some tenderness of the breasts, and spotting. The spotting began again today after being absent for several days. (Caution: TMI) Each time I wipe myself, I become emotional and say a prayer because of the small mounts of blood. I have faith that God has brung me to and will bring me thru, but I am also trying to remain realistic. Sorry for the venting. I am 32 years old in 9 days. This is my first pregnancy. I am finishing up my doctoral program and expect to graduate this upcoming spring. Would you believe the stress at this point isn't writing my dissertation 😔 I'd write and defend 10 dissertations just to have my bean continue to grow and see my little ones face mid-June.