I'm so heartbroken over my baby

Hey mommas.. so today was my first day going back to work. My daughters 3 months old. Anyways, I have a 7 hour shifts Monday-Thursday every week. I have breastfed her since the day she was born. I would introduce her to the bottle every once in a while but nope.. she'd never take it. She'd use my boobs for comfort and to feed, so bottles and pacifiers were a no go. Long story short, my husband watched her for these 7 hours I was gone and she did not eat once. She absolutely refused to drink from the bottle, she'd even refuse if he tried to spoon feed her.. my little 3 month old didn't eat for 7 whole hours... I feel like an absolute complete failure 😢 it breaks my heart she will not eat for the life of her unless it's nursing with me. Have any other moms dealt with this and what was your strategy to try and help your little one finally take the bottle? P.S ( we have tried EVERY brand bottle and nipple from high end to affordable) we're hopeless here 😢