Postpartum PUPPS

Mallory β€’ Mom of 2- 1 lost Dec. 2015, 1 "rainbow" baby girl due 9/9/17 πŸ’˜πŸŒˆ

Anyone ever experience this?? I had a minor bout of PUPPS in my third trimester but now a few days after my baby was born I started to get it alllllll over my body again... started on my belly on my newest stretch marks... then spread to my thighs, arms, entire belly... now is on my boobs, hands, butt, and gravitating down my legs and towards my vagina 😬😬😬 it's way worse than it was during pregnancy and showing no signs of regressing 😩 I'm three weeks postpartum now and can't imagine trying to continue to manage this much longer... it's sooo hard not to scratch!!

So far I've been applying anti itch/rash creams (which help for like 30min), and I just ordered some Pine Tar soap today as I heard that helps.

I'm nervous to take allergy medicine as I've heard it can lower your milk supply, which I'm already having trouble with.

Any suggestions?? Or anyone experiencing this??

I think I'm going to just go see the dr this week and see if I can get a steroid shot or oral steroids.