😁😔losing my daddy


I haven't posted any updates on our pregnancy in awhile........ everything is going great with the baby!


My dad got in a very bad car accident went into a coma and ended up passing away last week... my dad was the most amazing man I've ever met in my life. He did everything he was a scoutmaster for 13 years, coached soccer for 12 homeschooled 5 kids (along with my mom) owned his own business, helped my brothers track and field coach, helped get me funds to go on 6 mission trips. He helped in any way he could! My parents were so giving and we didn't have much growing up but my dad always gave more then he had and taught all us kids to do the same.

He was beyond words! I miss him so much and I am so lost... I can't imagine what my mom is going through.. they were married for 32 years! Wow! What a great relationship to look up to. I'll always be your little girl daddy! Please keep looking out for us! I wish you could have met your grand baby! 💔