Who's testing at 10dpo?!

Violet • TTC babe # 2! 💃🏼
Hi all! So I'm going to test this Thursday on January 30th. I'll be 10dpo come that time (I ovulated on either January 20th or the 21st). I know it's better to wait 2 weeks but my AF is due February 3 (according to Glow) and I know there's some HPTs that let you test 5 days earlier. Who else is testing at 10dpo? Wonder what my chances are! I'm so anxious!! No symptoms really except exhaustion (could be because I started my last college semester), super tender breasts and constipation beyond belief. Oh yeah, and yesterday I was so tried and crappy feeling, my nose wouldn't stop running. I started crying when DH asked what was wrong. Little emotional I guess. :-/