24 Weeks Pregnant and Sex

kiana 🖤

So last night (well this morning before day around 12ish) I text my boyfriend telling him I was soooo horny and I needed him....IMMEDIATELY! Soo he comes of course and y’all I’ve had sex since I’ve been pregnant numerous of times. But this time it felt different. Normally I’m uncomfortable or I’m scared something is going to happen to my Chunky Munk. I told him what I wanted him to do to me and he came thru alllll the way. He had my body so relaxed and comfortable to the point I forgot I was pregnant until I was grabbing at his head to move from down there. I did have some cramps maybe 30 minutes afterwards but nothing bad. Besides this was ROUGH sex so the cramps wasn’t nothing compared to the soreness I was feeling. But it’s not a bad soreness to where I’m worried , it’s a soreness to where I know we got carried away and was in the moment....what I’m trying to say is....that was by far the BEST pregnancy sex I’ve had. I’m only 24 weeks remind you. Don’t know how long I’m gone be able to go before I don’t want it anymore or it gets extremely uncomfortable or painful. But last night got me reaching out my hands liked 🤲 I want more please 😂😂😂😂...before I can’t handle it.