What's going on?!?!

Jessika • ♥️ 26 year old mommy to a 7 year old little man 9/9/12 👦🏼 • lost my sweet 2nd son 9/5/17 31 weeks 6 days 👼🏻 • Rainbow born 11/12/18 🌈 she is a meningitis survivor 🙏🏼 & is deaf 🤟🏼

Please give me some advice ladies!!!

This is my cycle this month. The last three days I've been spotting really dark blood. What in the world is going on with me?! Can I even still ovulate if mid cycle bleeding is going on?!

I want my rainbow baby😔

this is cycle #2 after my son was stillborn at 31 weeks 6days in September