McKena Shot


Okay sorry for the butt pic! I have been taking the MaKena shot once a week since 16 weeks. I am now 27 weeks 2 days. When I first started these shots I was fine no PHYSICAL symptoms. I did have a lot of emotional problems but nothing physical.. starting at about 23 or 24 weeks the injection site started getting really itchy, hot, and had a golf ball size knot on it the next day I just figured it was doing it because I had gotten so many (I switch hips every week). Well last week at 26 weeks when my fiancé gave me the shot in my left hip it stung so bad for like an hour then went away the next day there was a knot and it was itchy (Normal). Well this week he gave it to me in my right hip on our normal day (Wednesday) and I was fine that day. However, this morning when I woke up it was itching so bad and extremely tender but not only that it is HUGE like 10 golf balls it goes from the top of my hip and about 10 inches down then from my mid butt check on the right side to to almost the front of my body, like it's ginormous. At first I wasn't worried because like I said I figured it was normal and with it being the 6th one in my right hip (I have had 6 in my left and now 6 in my right) I thought maybe it's just going to get bigger now. However I am getting kinda worried because it's really hot and tender and when I go to scratch it, it hurts. Has anyone else had this problem?? Ohh and the second pic shows a straight on view and there like indentions in it I'm not sure what that is either.! The first one is in a mirror because that's the only way I could get a picture of how it really looked ( I had to mark out my crack. Lol..).