STI help

So I've known this guys since high school and weve always had a thing for each other but nothing ever happened ehh idk why..

Three weeks ago we started Snapchating and had sex 2 weeks ago we both agreed on not having anything serious just sex, he still Snapchated everyday then the last weekend he came over and Hooked up again and as soon as he left he asked me "can I ask you something and promise me you're going to be honest" I said okay go ahead and he didn't snap me back... i send him a couple of random snap chats and he did not reply.. I went to the doctors to que checked and i got a call today and they told me that a test came out positive for chlamydia... idk what to do idk if I should tell him straight up but I'm just afraid that he will blame it on me and tell everyone "I" gave him something, help me plz