Ok so at first I was mad at my mom for wanting my boyfriend to leave earlier today he didn’t know she wanted him to leave he was supposed to leave 2 days ago .. ima add that we are both saving up to get our own place being that we stay with our parents. Ok so when my boyfriend comes over to my house it’s completely, completely, completely different than his home life it’s more peaceful at my house than his , him an his family argue a lot me an my family don’t argue an carry on the way his family does. So I say that to say every time my boyfriend comes to my house he’s angry we have a small apartment an he gets loud with me so of course my mom over hears him and she doesn’t approve of the things he says to me, neither do I she doesn’t say anything because she says she knows ima feel some type of way which I kinda would just because I wouldn’t want him to feel uncomfortable being at my house, idk is that weird ? But ok she doesn’t say anything but she’s getting to the point where she is going to say something to him so she warned me, so me an her have our lil talks an now I’m just wondering if something is deeply wrong with him. I feel like he’s not happy with himself (his life) his personal life isn’t the best he’s had it kind of rough, I’m not really the arguing type , me an moms convo just made me really see how unhappy this man really is, like I provide him with a lot an so does my mom while he’s here he’s supplied with things on a DAILY that he’s not really supplied with at his house on a daily like I said we have 2 dif home life’s an like she said he really has no legit reason to be unhappy at my house but yet he’s basically unhappy every day not for long periods of time but it be the smallest lil things, I’m not a cheater I think I’m a good gf I don’t like to argue like I said I try to stop them but he just keeps going.. and yesterday or the day before that he said something about my mom having me to pay the bills an I shouldn’t have to do that an go grocery shopping an why should I have to do that he says I have a lot of responsibility’s I didn’t appreciate it at ALL because my mom is not in the best shape she’s in an out the hospital an my sis has a disability so I’m A HUGE help an my mom is thankful she she helps me out a LOT too in return, I feel like he sits around an observes what goes on in my house 🏡 he speaks on a lot of shit that has nothing to do with him .my mom feels the same way so I know I’m not tripping ion like that cause I feel like he feels like my mom is using me on some weird shit cause he sees that she doesn’t feel good I mean clearly she just got surgery like last week, he just doesn’t know I’m being paid for my services which is not his business.i feel like he doesn’t like my mom Fr an he has no reason not to , he said something about my mom should keep her own bank card cause he remembers one time I had it an I thought I lost it an my mom got mad, but first he was like won’t yo mom be mad if you lost her bank card , like certainshit I feel like he shouldn’t speak on an why does he care , his behavior is growing odder an odder I’m starting to think he mite be a lil possessive an wants me all to his self .an i just don’t know because I love him I’m so confused 🤷‍♀️