FTM needing advice on finding pediatrician!


Our baby girl is due in less than 3 months and I recently got a packet from my OB with a list of recommended pediatricians and yikes I haven't thought that far yet!! Experienced moms, I have some questions for you!!!

1) When is the right time to find a pediatrician? Do you meet them before the birth? I want to be sure I like this doctor before bringing my baby to them!

2) How often do you end up taking the baby to the pediatrician in the first year?

3) Any special considerations I should make when choosing one?

4) My husband and I are planning to move when our lease is up, and the baby will be about five months old. We won't be moving far, 20-40 mins away... so my question is, would it be best to find a pediatrician that is close to where we are now? Or find one in the area that we think we'll be moving to?