Help with stress after miscarriage & TTC again


Okay guys here’s the deal- I miscarried at 11 weeks in May, naturally at first, but was incomplete and ended up having a D&C; in June. It took 8 weeks for me to have a period after that, doc said because my body went through so much for a month and half. So, I’ve had two periods since then. Here’s the other thing- I have low progesterone, I tested low during my pregnancy and had to take supplements everyday, so my doctor now wants me to take them starting 5 dpo till I get my period. I wanted to not track anything and see what happens, but he said it’s not a good idea because my progesterone would be too low to sustain a pregnancy if I don’t take the supplements. So I’m in a spot where I want to get pregnant, but everything involved in making that chance as high as possible stresses me out like crazy!! If I didn’t have low progesterone, I wouldnt track a thing, but here I am taking ovulation tests, and tracking my cm, and counting the days and it’s just too much!! Any helpful ideas? Tips? Besides keeping busy?

I wasn’t like this before I got pregnant, and it’s kind of taken me off guard. I’m more of a take it in stride kind of person, but this stress is something I’m not used to! Side note- I handled the miscarriage pretty well. I believe God has a plan and it was meant to be. I just don’t know how to relax about the trying again now!