Newborn problems 😭

My son is 10 days old and refuses to sleep at night. He’s so happy and good during the day and once night hits he’s a totally different baby. He doesn’t even sleep much during the day anymore so I know it’s not that. I swaddle him, I feed him, change his diaper. We have even tried gripe water due to hiccups and nothing works. He won’t sleep in his bassinet either once he is asleep.

It’s almost like he’s fighting sleep. He looks so exhausted but he stays awake. He’s also really fussy when feeding too. He won’t latch properly at first and when he does, he will unlatch multiple times while nursing. He only feeds for about 5 minutes too so he’s not even getting full.

I’m basically running on fumes. I haven’t gotten more than an hour of sleep at a time since he’s been born. I can’t sleep during the day either because my husband works and I have to do things around the house while he’s gone.

What can I do? 😭