Overbearing Moms

I may be totally nuts and no one will agree but I feel like ALMOST every mom around me thinks I don’t know what’s best for my baby because I haven’t been there yet. I get that motherhood is a learning experience and some stuff you really don’t know what to do until it happens, but in general, it gets so annoying when mothers assume since you haven’t had a baby yet you must not know anything about it. Just because I haven’t given birth doesn’t mean I can’t decide what is best for my baby. (IE: what products to use, how/when to do certain things like potty training or taking a pacifier away, what car seat to get, how to feed my baby) A family friend literally is appalled ill be going back to my usual schedule after the baby is here and settled. Like it’s 2017, babysitters and daycare are a thing for a reason. Building a future and being a mommy IS an actual thing. Or the worst one, I haven’t even had the baby yet, I’m only pregnant, so the one topic I am allowed to talk about (pregnancy) but apparently you don’t know anything about being pregnant until you’re done. You mention symptoms or something and they say “oh just wait until this comes along” like yep I’ve experienced flaming diarrhea Karen I just didn’t want to tell you about it. Like I just get so annoyed talking about my pregnancy with anyone that’s had a baby already because they all assume I’m clueless as to what to expect or what my body needs. Maybe I’m overconfident because I live in the same house as my niece so I’m literally always with a small child, I’m everyone’s go to sitter, and with my niece I babysat her as an infant, even before she moved in. I get babysitting is not the same thing as being a mother, but I do have some idea as to how bad diaper rash can get, tricks to get a baby back to bed in the dead of night, or what to do in an emergency. I’m not saying I know it all by any means, but when it comes to my baby, I’m confident we will figure out what works best for us. Unless you’re my doctor or baby’s father your “advice” is usually just insulting. It’s almost like every mom around me feels superior because they’re older or wiser or have been raising kids longer.

Has anyone else been here before? Or are these hormones just getting to me?