plus size vent


Venting: When researching aka Google plus size pregnancy, all I come up with are risks, and issues that can happen. And of course being a first time mommy to be, it freaks me out. I have a stomach flap Jack, it hangs low, I am 16.5 weeks and in second trimester. I feel like my uterus is getting heavier, and wanting to hang low into my flap jack, causing round ligament pain across my lower abdominal area aka the freaking flap jack. I already have been in touch with my OBGYN Doctor and they are not worried. My blood pressure is normal, my blood sugar is normal, my thyroid is working normal, my baby's test results for any genetic disorders came back normal. Idk I don't really have a question, I'm just venting...because being a plus sized woman and pregnant is already difficult, but researching anything about it and all I get is advice on how to lose weight during pregnancy or how my baby is at risk. So frustrating.