Homecoming 🤔


So my boyfriend graduated from college earlier this year and his college’s homecoming is tomorrow. At first for several weeks/months, he was indifferent about going and he said that he’ll only go if a certain guy friend of his is going. Last week that guy friend broke his foot and he will not be able to go. So my boyfriend said that he won’t go. But literally two days ago he realized how important this first homecoming after graduation is and he wants to go now. My only issue is that while he was in college (we’ve been in a relationship for a year and a half), he had issues with a lot of girls there and it cause major problems in our relationship( things like him not understanding boundaries with other girls, flirting, being disrespectful in terms of overtly flirty compliments etc). He said that he is starting to understand these boundaries and things he simply can not do because he is in a relationship. He asked me are we or are we not going to homecoming (because he can’t go without me), I told him no because being there is going to make me feel extremely uncomfortable. If I go I’m going to make sure I look like a boss and show off for all those he might see at homecoming. I’m having a change of heart though and I wanna be both selfish and selfless. Should I let him go to homecoming or not?