Poop won’t come out!

Kay • After four miscarriages, I'm enjoying my perfect little rainbow girl and now her perfect brother.

So for about 17 hours how I’ve had the urge to poop, but I CAN’T GET IT OUT! I took a stool softener yesterday, I’m trying to drink water and I tried some apple juice. I even tried having my hubby “dig around” to loosen things (that was humiliating, btw!) but all to no avail! Any one have any tips!? I’m afraid I’ve given myself hemorrhoids from pushing so hard (or that I will). Suggestions and poop dust would be appreciated!!

UPDATE: Thank you all for the great suggestions! My husband came home and gave me an enema (marriage is SOOO romantic!). I was able to get out the piece that was blocking with some effort and now I feel so much better! I think that entire process was more painful and traumatic than giving birth to my daughter was!