Thoughts???? TTC

Dani • 3 beautiful children ages 9, 5, 2 had a MMC in March 2015 and rainbow baby 👶 thats 2 YRS born Dec 10, 2015! 3 chemical pregnancys and Spontaneous MC on December 22nd 2017 at 7 weeks.... pregnant again w/ baby #4 due Oct 2018!

k so i have reason to believe i ovulated early as i ALWAYS having ovulation spotting/bleeding and well this month it came exactly 4 days after my AF ended and i was thinking wow! so everyday i take a test for fun from the same lot of test and never had an evap or faint until tonight! Yes my Cycles are 30 days and always come on time to the T . but i just know i ovulated early! THOUGHTS PLEASE