Should we do an intervention??

{brandie ♡ rose}

Okay there’s a lady that used to work with my coworkers and I, after she quit she got pregnant. Well good congratulations I’m happy for her, but she then found out it was twins. Okay another good I’m happy for you , so here’s where the shit gets crazy, these “twins” were DUE JULY 14th and here it is October 20 fucking 1st and she is STILL PREGNANT. She is a big girl so if she was pregnant you couldn’t tell. But now it gets crazier! Okay so she “goes to the doctor “ every Monday Wednesday or Friday to be “induced” but every time she goes something happens so they can’t induce her. She has a fever, or a machine broke, or the doctor had a heart attack and he most recent excuse is she had to switch doctors, I mean really you aren’t gonna switch doctors when your 13 months pregnant with fucking twins. I just need to know if we should sit her down and say “hey you’re fucking crazy you need help” or call a Psychiatrist she has every one believing she’s pregnant, she’ll tell people she’s going to have the babies, and her husbands family will go to the hospital and wait and the hospital will say she’s not on the schedule or isn’t even a patient there!? I just don’t wanna hurt her feeling or anything cause maybe she actually has her self convinced that she’s an elephant or April the freakin giraffe!

Another story I’ve heard is she was lying about the pregnancy to keep her husband that was cheating on her from leaving. But I got word from a very close friend of mine that she knew for a fact there there WAS AT LEAST one baby. What’s the best way to go about this!?