Bianca • ♥️

So I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year next month and he tends to turn down our sex a little more than I would be ok with. Today he turned it down even though we literally slept all day because we went out to the bar yesterday and I tried touching and stroking it and caressing him and he just turned over to lay on his stomach. This happens more than 3 times a month. It’s like we only have sex if and when he initiates it or is in the mood. I am 3 years younger than him and he’s only the second person I’ve ever been with sexually and he’s a grad student in college who has had plenty of experience and girls so it really pisses me off to go to sleep horny and I feel selfish but st the same time I feel like it’s a little selfish of him because I’ve never turned him down. Not once even if I wasn’t initially in the mood, I’d always still do it and never regretted it so I don’t understand. It just makes me feel embarrassed and pissed tbh. Idk how to bring it up to him without sounding rude and selfish