My marriage is over....UPDATE!!!!!

So after 20 years together he said he's had enough. We've been together from I was 14 have 3 beautiful children together. I stood by him 4 years ago when he told me he had an affair the lasted 18 months. He was seeing the girl he worked with I never new anything about it until it ended. When it ended she left the job. He told me he loved her she ended it with him by the way. But stupid me thought we could work it out. Until this last few weeks he's on his phone all the time again. I did ask if he's seeing someone else and he said no. Then his phone bill came in at over double what it normally is. Then he says we're over I never seen it coming. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Don't know what to do. He works am I'm at home looking after the kids. Dinner is always on the table when he get home. He goes fishing or hunting every weekend and I say nothing. I feel so stupid for even thinking it but I'd do anything for him . Thank you ladies you're right I can and will be ok. And one good thing that will come out of this is he'll spend more time with the kids because he'll only get them every second weekend