I honestly don't know what to do with this guy

So I've known this guy since we were kids. He's always been considered socially awkward, so me and my friends have included him in our group to have him open up more and meet new people. But about a year ago, it started getting weird. He started becoming incredibly clingy with me and everywhere my friends and I were he would automatically show up. I feel like it's my fault because I was trying to be a good friend and help him become more social. But I guess he took it the wrong way. When me and my ex bf were together it got worse and it got to a point where I blocked him from social media. A few weeks ago it was my birthday, he asked what I wanted and I said he didn't have to give me anything. I wasn't being rude, it's just I feel weird accepting gifts. A few days ago he surprised me with tickets to see my favorite singer in January. I was kinda angry that he did that when I said I didn't want anything. The thing is these were incredibly expensive tickets (stage floor tickets) and he put a lot of thought into it. My friends and family tell me to not go because they feel this is encouraging him. I do feel the same way but I just hate disappointing people. I don't know what to do!!!!!