Birth Control Novice


Hi! I’ve had my period since I was probably 9 or 10, and I turn 19 in December. So I’ve had it for pretty much half my life and throughout its entirety thus far, it’s been incredibly irregular. My mom told me her cycle’s the same way, but it’s honestly ridiculous. I just started birth control and was put on Lo Loesterin Fe and I have a few questions but I couldn’t ask my doctor because my mom was around lol. I hope you guys can help. Excuse the extremely long backstory lol.

Anyway, I was expecting my period to come in August but I had sex and the condom broke so I took a Plan B within thirty minutes. Since then, I’ve had a period that was extremely heavy toward the beginning of September, but that was it. I’ve been experiencing some really light spotting for the past two weeks on and off, and one day, like, last week I did have slightly heavier spotting.

I started my birth control today, but I’m not sure — what do I do if I get my period in the middle of the pack?