Need Help. BFP & Multiple BFN


I'm just so frustrated. On the night of the 19th (2 days late) I took a clear blue digital. Before it hit 3 mins... it said pregnant.

I drank too much water & took a first response & another digital right after... both negative & I assumed I diluted it too much. Woke up the morning of the 20th(3 days late) .. took another digital & another first response... both negative. Took about 3 more

that day & still Nothing!!!

Decided to wait until today & just used the 88 cent one from Walmart & negative.

Today I am FIVE days late

. Is it still early or should I be getting positives?? Literally can't sleep... I just keep wanting to know. No signs of period but I'm so exhausted, been getting headaches, have had to poop a lot, & feel like I have cotton mouth & can't get enough to drink, yet I'm constantly peeing too. Boob's are a little sensitve but not awful. Anyone else go through this??? Could I just be too early?? ***UPDATE*** im now 15 days late. no cramping, no spotting, no bleeding, no sign of AF or miscarriage. Had two vvvvfl on the pregnancy strips. but negatives on everything else. Have an appt on Monday the 6th to get a vaginal sono. still praying for my miracle baby.***UPDATE: *** 20 days late. got my vaginal sono done today. absolutely no cysts on my ovaries. GOD IS SO GOOD. & the lady said she didnt see a sac for a baby & doc said i probably did have a chemical pregnancy & that it COULD take up to 6-12 weeks to get back to normal. Hope AF shows up soon so we can start again. & all the other tests he ran came back perfect. told us we could go in for sperm count & to see if my fallopian tubes were blocked but since i WAS pregnant that everything is prob good. So baby dust would be greatly appreciated!!!