Just need to vent!!!


So to start off I'm 17 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby not sure what I'm having yet but can't wait to find out. My husband doesn't want me to buy anything for this baby until we know what we are having, which is fine but he was the opposite way with our other two so it took me by surprise. I try to include him on everything but either he tells me he just walked through the door from a long day or if I wait a bit he says he's too tired to talk about it i.e.: baby names, baby things in general... but now today after he criticized my knowledge of history, my English and finally the fact that I'm not "glowing with this pregnancy" and I don't seemed excited about this baby... the first two I know I could use a couple lessons on because I wasn't the best student but to criticize me on not being excited about this baby as I try to include him on everything but he makes it seem as if I'm the one not excited is just wrong and I'm over my boiling point. Obviously there is more to the story and talking to him is like talking to a wall because he's always right and I'm just a simple housewife and stay at home mom.