Can you wear white if you aren’t a virgin?

Cat • 19 and in a committed relationship with my boyfriend of two and a half years

So recently my boyfriend asked me if I would be wearing a white wedding dress because usually you only wear white if you are a virgin. Honestly, I think this belief is rather mean. Just because I’m not a virgin doesn’t mean I have lost all my innocence. He said that white symbolizes purity and his family might be upset. (His parents found out we have been having sex 6 months ago and will not let it go. They do think we stopped but it still affects everything we do together. I say his family as a whole because his mom has told most of the family already.) I humbly told him that I didn’t give a fuck if his family thinks I’m impure. I’m just really done with them and all the things they have been saying, specifically his mom. It’s our wedding day, I’ll wear white if I want to. But anyway, what do you guys think? Does it really matter if you wear white and you aren’t a virgin?


I just want to make it clear that my boyfriend’s family has not brought this up yet and my boyfriend is not on their side. He pretty much asked to warn me once again how crazy his family is. Thank you for your concern but don’t worry. He is 100% on my side and supports my decision in wearing whatever I want.

You’re all amazing, thank you so much ❤️