This guy has interesting opinions and is it a red flag!


Ok, so I’m talking to this guy, we are not dating yet. We talk all the time and I enjoy it, but sometimes he says things that make me think he might be controlling. If I say, “I think I am going to get a haircut soon”, he will say “I don’t like girls with hair that’s too short” ok, everyone likes what they like but it sometimes feel like he’s telling me “don’t do something I don’t like”? He’s never actually said that sentence but it kind of feels like it. He also said he didn’t like nose piercings and I got mine pierced, I don’t usually adjust things like that to please someone else. I got my nose piercing for me, he kind of jokes about it and references to me removing it. These are 2 small situations but could it get worse? Just not sure at the moment because everyone likes what they like and they are entitled to express that, but I don’t want to be pressured to change myself like that for anyone. Let me know what y’all think!