Pamper yourself because you deserve it

I'm currently sitting in a bath drinking wine with a mud mask on. The last several months have been extremely hellish for me. Between emergency room trips, deaths in the family, my engagement being broken off and most recently my job replacing me because they don't want to pay their employees what their owed. My anxiety and depression has been through the roof. There's so much drama with my roommates. I started a new job this week that is physically taxing and demanding and require me to get up at 3 am which is usually just when I'm falling asleep. My feet are so blistered and I've dropped 12 lbs. I decided to splurge and get a facial mask, wine, and Epsom salts so I could just relax. My so is coming over later and staying the night for the first time since I moved back to my hometown. Ladies pamper yourself when you deserve it. It relieves so much stress even if just for a couple minutes.