cycle buddies November 10th-ish


hi everyone, I'm Kristen. I used to be a back and forth user of this app but last month when I got a positive pregnancy test for 9 days I was just too quick to trust it and bought a years subscription on glow for my pregnancy because I wanted access to all the articles and wisdom from the rest of you ladies. sadly I miscarried on Friday the 13th. aside from being newly superstitious, I am not deterred and am still trying to be positive through this difficult stuff. I am 34 and trying for child #1. my husband and I have been trying for 4 years with 2 losses and I've had two losses from a previous relationship. we are diagnosed with unexplained infertility. my reserve is 3x the average for women at my age and 5x the quality but I'm nearing the dreaded "35" this may. I am pretty easy to get a hold of as my job allows me to have access to my phone whenever but I'm looking to surround myself with great ladies who are down to be there for each other. I am open minded, kind, and a good friend. I just don't have friends really where I live because moving as an adult is strangely difficult when it comes to finding wants to make friends. anyways! id love to hear from yall. holler if you want