Is this a promise from Him?

Ashley 👼👼💜 • Married to my best friend with twin angels watching over us (miscarried new years day at 12w3d.)

Several years back I kept having this reoccurring dream. It's late and I'm awakened from sleep (keep in mind I'm still asleep dreaming) by the crys of a baby. I get out of bed with a, still, sleeping husband beside me and go into the nursery laying in the crib is this adorable little girl with hair black as night and deep brown eyes. The guy I was dating at the time had blue eyes and red hair I have blue eyes and auburn hair so I just filled it away and never thought of it again. Until today, this afternoon while sleeping off a migraine my dream from all those years ago came back to me.... And I mean exact same dream in every detail. The only difference is my husband has dark hair and deep brown eyes. I'm literally getting goose bumps thinking about the amazing dream.