What happened after epidural?


I’m having my third child , my first boy , in December on the 12th. I’m so thinking about how bad the natural births were for my first two children so I’m really thinking about an epidural.

But I have scoliosis so I already have like chronic pain on my spine and would not like to add to it from an epidural if it goes wrong.

I’m believing I can be brave enough knowing it’s a tiny thin needle that gives me an epidural. But do I need a catheter after baby is born???

No one and I’ve never heard this before until reading up online.

Which kind of scares me I’ve never had a catheter and would t like the discomfort thank you very much, especially after having a child. Lol

But I just want to know from other mothers if you have to have a catheter after having an epidural is true?

Otherwise I’m just going to woMAN up & go natural. No way I will put up with a catheter... maybe.. unless I find out a catheter isn’t ‘TOO BAD’. Whereas with my two natural births I was happy to go potty by myself... Lol.

Thanks advanced.

I’m also scared of being paralyzed.

*knocking on wood*