Is this abuse?


Many people on Facebook are angered by this camp for kids. Lashing out and saying it’s child abuse. Others claim they are uneducated on the matter, and should stop the hate. For the record, I am definitely uneducated in this field. I try and be open minded, and understanding to everyone’s point of view and feelings. That being said, I wouldn’t go as far as saying this is abuse. I completely believe that if a child adamantly defines themselves as a certain gender, they should be free to express that with no shame or hate. But I can’t help and sit back and hope that they have some sort of psychological assessment before parents are fully supporting the ideas of their 4 year old to send them to this camp. In the video it even says that if a child changes their mind, that’s okay!!! All in all I don’t think people should be so angry either way. The kids have fun, and no one gets hurt. I personally think 4 is a little young, although I have no doubts some people know who they are that young. What are your thoughts?