Gordon Ramsay on cocaine

Charley Knows • 24 and living without a thyroid 💪🏼

Sadly, not what it says on the tin 😂 I watched an amazing programme (ITV) on the selling, production and devastation of the cocaine industry.

For those who don’t know, Gordon’s head chef died due to a cocaine related incident which left behind his wife and children. Gordon found that in his restaurant all the bathrooms (restrooms) tested positive for cocaine. This obviously upset him incredibly but it’s everywhere.

Throughout the programme we went to Columbia, the largest producer of cocaine in the world, 886 tonnes in 2016. This is due to the coca plantations being huge, I mean huge.

So I thought originally I would make a post of how do we stop this? How do we create jobs for a country that depends upon the production of cocaine?


BUT, my researching butt, found out there is a plan in place:

“Already 40% of the goal of forced eradication has been met, and 86,000 families – who account for as much as 76,000 hectares of coca – have signed on to crop substitution programs in exchange for subsidies of about $11,000 per farmer over the course of two years, according to the government.”

So what this means is that, coca farmers give up their crops, they get substituted, for another farmable product, for example bananas.

Now, as coca farmers do not think they live a lavish lifestyle at all, they get paid (from memory apologies if wrong) £100 a month. They face jail if caught, possibly death from the cartels, their current crops and sources of income ruined by the military (through spraying and burning the crops).


So do you agree with the government plan put in place? Do you have any better suggestions for Columbia?

✨BONUS: we talk about legalisation and taxing on drugs (which I agree with) but would you keep the Columbian farmers producing it? Would you pay them a fairer wage? What would you do to ensure they are okay? ✨

I hope we can have a good discussion, let me know if anyone has any queries ☺️