I'm transphobic

So, basically, I know I'm transphobic. I hold views that I know would be offensive to the community - and even with doing research and trying to change my views I find myself still holding them there deep down no matter how hard I want to convince myself I don't. I know it's disgusting and wrong - I want to stop it. I don't want to place the blame on anybody else but, I feel like I wouldn't think this way if my family didn't put it into my head from such a young age. By transphobic I don't mean that I think trans people shouldn't have rights etc, everyone deserves equality! But thinks like sharing a bathroom, seeing trans men pregnant etc all make me cringe when I KNOW they shouldn't.

So I have came here to ask for help, if there are any transgender people here or anyone in general do you have tips on how to work on myself and squash these beliefs?

I'm sorry if this comes across offensive.