Leila • Married 20yo💍💖 TTC #1👶 after 2 CP😔👼 god bless y'all with a baby😊

My name is Leila Vega. I feel like this two week wait is going by so slow and I'm on day 1 of the TWW.

First: I go on glow and read about my possibilitiesof having twins since it's my first cycle using clomid, by that I mean I look up stories of people that were on it and successfully conceived twins, or what was the Hcg levels in the beginning of the pregnancy, or how long after the LH surge you ovulate (even though I already know) or watch videos of "how the sperm meets egg".. My husband and I have been TTC for 1yr+, 1st miscarriage December 8th & 2nd one on September 11th 2017

Second: Keep imagining how life would be pregnant, what would I use for stretch marks, how fat I'll get, how am I going to announce it to my family???? BECAUSE FYI I ALREADY have a reservation for December 15tg in a sushi bar with a special table just in case Clomid works.. by then I should be a couple weeks pregnant and less chances of miscarriage

Third: I CRY just because I'm emotional like that WHAT IF I DON'T GET PREGNANT??? how long will it take me to finally have an angel growing in my belly!!! Wht is God not blessing me already?? Did I fail as a woman?? Do I just suck at producing eggs so bad that fertility meds WON'T work????