What if the 1 in 4 no longer applies to me?


I had my first miscarriage back in April where I lost the baby at 6 weeks... we started trying again right away after having a regular period and I got pregnant after three cycles in July.

Things looked good at our early 6week sonogram and we saw a heartbeat and felt like everything was good. On Thursday this week I went for my 13 week check and my doctor couldn’t find a heartbeat so we did a sonogram and found I had lost this baby at 8 weeks.

I feel like my body, both times, did nothing to tell me things were wrong. Both were considered a ‘missed miscarriage’ and I had to have a D&C; to start recovering physically. And as a double slap in the face, the second D&C; was the day before my due date from the first pregnancy.

The doctor was not able to get any genetic testing the first loss because there was not enough to test, but we are waiting on results from the second. We do have a healthy 6yo daughter so I don’t even know what we are going to do with any information we get back. I am worried it may just make it harder.

I never thought much about the “I am 1 in 4” statistic and I know there are people who have had more miscarriages then Ali have (and my heart hurts for them), but I don’t know what to think now that this one time has become two 😔