Money problems **UPDATE**


My boyfriend is 24 and I’m 19... he is so irresponsible with money and it drives me crazy.

He doesn’t have any money for gas so I have to give that to him. He doesn’t have any for food so I bought him food yesterday. He has a job and I DONT (I am applying and have had a couple of job interviews) .

He gets paid $13 for the hour and I get an allowance from my parents...

now he is gonna be going camping this week and is wanting to leave work early...

his hours are shorting because of the weather and he is gonna have a smaller paycheck.

I understand he has bills and wants to have fun but this is getting ridiculous. I wish he was mor responsible with money.


So I explained to him that I was gonna quit giving him money and he understood. Things had been a bit tense so we decided on taking a week break from each other to think about our expectations in our relationship and work on ourselves. He said he wants to be with me still and I want to be with him. But we are giving a little time to ourselves to think about how we can make our relationship work and how should we fix our problems ( because the money issue wasn’t our only problem )

We work together on mondays and Wednesday’s now because I am at my dads job to help out and he works at my dads job too

so we see each other for about 30min on those days and that’s it. Monday he told me he loves me and today I didn’t say much to him.

I’m still heart broken about being apart

However he did come up to me again and asked about my Halloween and asked if I could send pictures of how my nephews and I dressed up.

We haven’t called or texted each other and I am slowly but surely getting to the point to where I am feeling good but still miss him dearly...