Tmi question (no pics!)

Kathleen • Due with #2 June ‘19! Big brother Leo excited to meet his sibling. Previous struggles with loss and infertility due to PCOS. Excited this pregnancy is healthy so far!
Hi ladies,
This is my first time writing to all of you since being invited to this group... So let me first say HI!!!! :)
Quick summary of my TTC adventures:
My husband and I got married in September... I got my IUD removed September 4th, but didn't have a period by the end of November so I was put on progesterone. A week later I got a cycle but no ovulation. By March, I was about to see an OBGYN but finally got an LH surge. It lasted a long time (6 positive strips!).
April, I got only one positive opt but it was within my predicted fertile window. Wohoo! Success two cycles in a row!
Now for the TMI part. I've had light spotting for the entire week after my fertile week. I really thought my period had come early, except it never got heavy enough that even had to wear a pad... Basically only noticed blood when I wiped.
In short, I'm just wondering what that means and if anyone else has had either light spotting or a super light af. I figure it's too long to be implantation bleeding, but I'm just not sure if I should tell glow that my af started early or list it as spotting. What's going on down there??