UTI or doctors opinion.

crystal • Loving life with my prince Isaiah!

Okay ladies I’m 34 Weeks and some days and I believe I have a uti. I mentioned it to my doctor last Thursday when I went that I had seen some orange when I wiped and that it was kind of irritating to urinate and that my urine was darker than normal and that I had been having kidney pains so I asked her if they tested my urine everytime I came in. She said “yes we test for uhhhh....bacteria.....uh....*a whole minute later* uh... uti and some other stuff...” And I said “okay but you test it everytime?” And she said yes and that The test didn’t come back positive for a uti. Well it’s now Monday and I woke up this morning and first off the first urine I had this morning was an embery gold color and it was cloudy. The cloudiest I’ve seen it. But specifically when I went this time it burned. And not a little bit, it was a decent burning sensation. And everytime I’ve went since about an 2-3 hours ago has just burned and left me with an uncomfortable feeling. Should I just do an at home test or demand that my doctor does the test again? The issue is also that by the time my doctor appointment rolls around it’s already the afternoon so I’ve drank plenty of water then and I’m worried it might not be picking up the right results. Opinions and thoughts ?