When he doesn't reply and you think the worst

An example of why I'm a crazy girlfriend: my amazing boyfriend always responds to me, and always has a genuine excuse as to why it took so long to reply and he's always super sweet and apologetic.

But whenever it's been over 2 hours, then 3 hours, then 4, I start to think the worst. He's either dead, cheating on me, mad/annoyed at me and ignoring me, broke his brand new phone, was involved in a car crash, got pulled over by the police....

Then he replies with love hearts and kisses and calls me pet names and tells me he sent me a message an hour ago but I didn't receive it and shows me a screenshot of his phone and the message he sent which explains he was sleeping because he was up all night playing PlayStation 😂

Why must I always be so negative? I know he's a good guy and will always respond with a text to make me smile but I just can't help but think the worst.

Anyone else like this? How can I stop this bad thinking?