Has this happened to anyone??


I found out I was pregnant 5 days before my missed period from a home test. I went to the doctors that day and it wasn't showing up on their tests so they sent me to get blood work. My hcg tests came back at 26 which was low but still confirmed I was pregnant. They said I was very early in. 2 days later I bled a tiny little bit with a tiny dark red blood clot. I went to the hospital where they took my levels again and they went up to 81 which was still a little low for just about 4 weeks but at least it doubled. They did a vaginal sonogram and didn't see a gestational sac which they didn't seem concerned about because I was just about only 4 weeks pregnant. I have no bled since haven't had any bad signs just some cramping which I heard is normal. They basically told me to wait till my 6 week check up for the sonogram to make sure everything is okay which is nov 8th. My question is did anyone go through something similar and have a healthy baby in the correct spot when they went for their sonogram at 6 weeks? I've been stressing lately I'm just so nervous. Any advice would be much appreciated ! 🙏🏼❤