I want a baby...he doesn’t...

We’ve had a rocky relationship on and off as it is. I have pcos, I’m 31, I have 2 children from a previous relationship. He has 1.

I love my children, and always imagined having 3. We’ve been dating 2 years and he told me definitively the other day that he does not want any more children. Honestly, I feel lost and unsure of what to do... advice?


Since I did this post anonymously, I have to comment on here.

1: I dont have 3. I have 2. His son is rarely here, and hates me and my children no matter what ive done for him (Large part I think is because of his mother, whom has primary care)

2: the comments of “don’t you have enough kids?”


A woman only has a certain amount of time to conceive and have children. I’m fast approaching that age where I shouldn’t have any anymore. I have to make a decision soon, or the decision will be made for me. I have pcos, so fertility is already an issue.

And to say to someone “don’t you have enough?” Is seriously irritating, maddening and unnerving. There are a lot of mean comments I can say about this comment in rebuttal but I refuse to go as low as you. I want advice. Not rude comments from women who have nothing else to do but try to ruin someone’s day.