I can’t believe he went behind my back and did it anyways!!

Amelia • Baby Ava Chanel due March 29th 2018👶🏾

So my boyfriend and I have been together going on 3 years this December 24th.

We’re currently expecting baby #2 March 29th, 2018.

We have been talking about marriage for quite sometime now. He had ask my father for his blessing, for my hand in marriage earlier this year. He said yes! After that we looked at rings and talked about it but we postponed it because we’re saving up to get our own place.( we’re currently staying in his moms house🙄 story for another day)

Last week we had an argument and it was pretty bad and we pretty much had broken up for a couple days and I went to my moms house. He eventually came and we talked and apologized. I came back to his house and for the last couple days we’ve been okay and having a good time.

Well last night he came home from work and he told me he loves me and couldn’t picture hisself being with anybody else. And he pulled out the ring!

It may not be as fancy as some people’s but it’s gorgeous to me! I know we’re saving money for our own apartment before baby gets here and just saving up for baby itsself and it’s so special because he worked so hard to get it. I honestly would’ve been fine with out anything until we were totally set and on our feet.

We have to get it sized because it’s 2 sizes small but it’s perfect otherwise! I